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Stairs Metal Wall Decor

Stairs Metal Wall Decor

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They say that the shape of a home’s stairs are like it’s emotion. Likewise, adding the right art in the right place can evoke the same attractions and emotions from guests who visit your home. Bring some of that abstract emotion into your space with this piece of art, called Stairs.
Stairs comes in a variety of colors, each sitting atop the polished silver-tone background that looks absolutely stunning when reflecting natural or direct light.The entire piece is finished with a high gloss polish, that, when hung on your wall creates a vibrant, reflective vibe.
Hang this great wall art on your wall and take a glimpse of a different side of your emotions though this artwork.

Dimensions: 14 inches x 26.5 inches
Colors: candy blue, candy red, candy teal, distressed copper, metallic black
Made in the USA

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