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Sprig Metal Wall Decor

Sprig Metal Wall Decor

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One of the first pieces to emerge in the 7055 Inc "Interchangeables" line, the Sprig Metal Art piece is a true testament to the quality and nature of our work. This particular design has an exclusive look that can be changed according to your preferences, with interchangeable colored discs that can be easily removed and replaced.
The Sprig Metal Art piece evokes a sense of creative style with its sculptural composition, including three discs, each connected by curved, solid lines. The entirety of the design is handmade using steel and was intended to be incredibly versatile for decorating purposes. You can hang it in various positions - sideways or even upside down - to create a look tailored explicitly to your home and interests.
Change the Sprig Metal Art around when the seasons change for a truly unique and evolving piece of artwork. It comes in a variety of color options, including candy greens and purples, or polished copper and silver.

Dimensions: 21.25 inches x 23.5 inches

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