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Road Runner

Road Runner

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This Road Runner Metal Art piece is the perfect way to reminisce on your childhood with the classic Coyote and Road Runner cartoons! This design showcases a road runner mid-run, emphasizing their speed and swiftness with the agile body posture. Our talented metal artisans in the USA have made sure that each and every detail is perfect.

Made by hand using quality steel, Road Runner Metal Art has a lovely red accent against the rustic brown color scheme, adding a more unique touch to its style. The outline works perfectly with our "Southwest" themed pieces, too.

Use the Road Runner Metal Art with other smaller or larger metal wall art pieces to create a captivating wall scene.

  • Dimensions: 24” x 11”
  • Color options: distressed copper with blue accents or red accents
  • Made using quality steel
  • Road-runner theme
  • Unique wall decoration
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