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Petroglyph Ted Metal Wall Decor

Petroglyph Ted Metal Wall Decor

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Inspired by the various petroglyphs and cave paintings from around the United States, this Petroglyph "Ted" Metal Art Decor is a striking artistic wonder that takes its viewer back in time to an era when these petroglyphs were a popular way of communicating and sharing stories.

The Petroglyph "Ted" Metal Art Decor features a man holding tools/instruments and comes in various colorways. You can decide what story Ted is telling! Regardless, it makes a wonderfully unique wall decoration to any home.

We have several petroglyph metal artworks available - you can combine these together to create your own unique "cave" story in the house, or enhance the presence of one by presenting it individually.

  • Dimensions: 36” x 14.5”
  • Color options: blue, copper, gold, green, red, silver, teal
  • Made using quality steel
  • Ancient petroglyph/cave painting design
  • Unique wall decoration
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