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Feather Metal Wall Decor

Feather Metal Wall Decor

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Give your home a rustic, native expression with the Feather Metal Art Decor. This stunning design is remarkably intricate, detailing a single feather with every aspect from steel material. This is a very challenging process that can only be accomplished by experienced metal artists, who we are proud to work with here in the USA.

The Feather Metal Art Decor comes in a selection of lovely finishes, including teal, red, and black, which can be seen brushed on the ends of the feather design. A feather is symbolic of trust, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom - you can shine these qualities within your home using this art piece as a decoration.

The size and style of the Feather Metal Art piece make it suitable as both a standalone piece on a wall space or as an accenting design to larger wall themes, particularly rustic ones. Create your dream wall theme with this stunning masterpiece!

Dimensions: 24" x 7"
Color options: black, cobalt, red, or teal

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