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Dark Side of the Moon Metal Wall Decor

Dark Side of the Moon Metal Wall Decor

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Looking up at the sky at night, have you ever wanted to just pluck that brilliant glowing orb and admire it up close? Well, we did our best to recreate the moon’s allure with this impressive wall sculpture!

Set upon a solid black frame is a rough-cut distressed copper and silver circle with holes to mimic the moon’s craters. On top of that are delicate string-like curves supporting the candy-colored squares reminiscent of shooting stars.

This piece will look great on your bedroom or living room wall, or even as the centerpiece in your entryway. Add one to your cart right now!

Dimensions: 41.25 inches x 24.25 inches
Colors: candy blue, candy orange, candy raspberry, candy red, candy teal, metallic black, polished silver
Made in the USA

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