The part no one sees

While we emptied the box van tonight and set up the canopy, my family & friends back in Iowa were hunkered down, readying themselves mentally themselves for 12-18″ snow and 45 mph winds already upon them. At this very moment, I do not wish to be there. We ended the evening working by flashlight, until we finally decided we were “ready enough.” So art half hung, walls snugly pulled inside the canopy, tools and containers haphazardly inside, fully weighted and sides zipped, we called it a night. I grabbed a couple quick snapshots to share with you. Here you have it; our “before the show night” in Fountain Hills. Come see us this weekend when we are all put together! Its forecast to be sunny and mid-60’s, a bit cool for the area (f I could send some of this north I would!) The Fountain Hills Great Fair is Friday Saturday & Sunday from 10-5 and you will find us in booth B40/41.

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Proud of our Hometown! Go Wolves!



While we were Litchfield Park Arizona this evening, setting up for an art festival, our hometown football team was winning their football game. This wasn’t just any game. This was THE GAME! For the first time ever in school history, a Wolves Football team is headed to the Dome! State-Bound! Congratulations to a disciplined and dedicated group of young men. And congratulations to Coach Gunderson for guiding these guys on a journey the will never forget. CONGRATULATIONS WOLVES. We are so proud of you. #FlytheW

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With school starting and cooler evenings, secretly I know fall is just around the corner. That means in my world, I must plan ahead for the Christmas season & our clients who want a very unique gift for someone special. Please give us plenty of time in advance so we can make your request happen. You can reach us at the shop at 712-349-2303 or find us on the web at

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Okoboji, here we come!

So close to home! We are excited to announce we have been accepted into the Art in the Park on the green space at Arnold’s Park. For those of you close by, who really wonder what we do ??? This is “No excuses Saturday!” See you there! Come on over to the Park. Saturday August 6th. All day!

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Fargo ND

First day of the Fargo Street Fair! No long lines, no hot & sticky weather, no crowded booths. We’re making the best of a good day. Some much needed rain has arrived to the area and we are open for business.

Booth G19. We’re on the south End of Broadway. As we move into “after lunch,” the rain is letting up and the radar is looking more promising! Come on out before the big late-afternoon crowd arrives!

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Call it Throw Back Thursday

It fun seeing everyone share their older pictures on Facebook, so I decided to use that same thing for my blog post today.

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Decorating Homes throughout Nevada

Mike and Doris, it was a pleasure to work with you!


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A peek at a home in Tucson

Saddlebrooke, just north of Oro Valley and a part of Tucson AZ is the new home for Mannie, Moe and Jack to hang-out!
Bonnie, the Desert Sun that you ordered for your Tucson home (after we got back to Iowa) was the finishing touch for that area. Thank you for sharing this with us and the world!

The fall schedule is falling into place and will be available soon! Our summer schedule is here on the website. We invite you all to come see us and enjoy your weekend at a summer festival in the midwest!

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Down by the River…..

So…we are all set up and ready for the crowds tomorrow. Beaux Arts in Davenport Ia. We had a little time to kick back this evening. It was warm outdoors and we got to enjoy a little bit of Mother Nature showing off.

Hoping Mother Nature is this beautiful all weekend! Rain, rain go away!

Hoping Mother Nature is this beautiful all weekend! Rain, rain go away!

yeah, I know, shoulda been a photographer, right?

yeah, I know, shoulda been a photographer, right?

Let’s review this one more time~Davenport Iowa, tomorrow and Sunday. Be there or be square!!

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And…the summer season begins!!!

Time to start the Midwest Shows! May is kinda slack with only two, but we are really excited and ready to go! Headed out to Spring Beaux Arts in Davenport Iowa; over on the River…the Big River…the Mississippi River! So, all the way across the state, we’re gonna enjoy the scenery! My favorite part of today so far is just about an hour from home! Mallard, Iowa. Back in the day, before consolidations made another round, Mallard, Iowa had its own great little school. Their school mascot? What else? The Mallard Ducks. Here’s to you, Ducks! I love this town…. 


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