Dungeon Cell Metal Wall Decor

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Our Dungeon Cell Metal Art piece is a special one. At first glance, one might be confused as to what it is. The design displays a “dungeon cell,” detailed by the cell bars, chains, and the accented brown center. This contrasts with the distressed black/grey components flawlessly to deliver a dark, mysterious, and intriguing masterpiece for your home.

The Dungeon Cell Metal Art is constructed entirely of quality steel, made by hand in the USA. If you’re a fan of ancient warfare and the dark side that comes with it, including the pain and torture, then you will love this design.

Overall, this metal art decor makes a wonderfully fascinating conversation piece, especially when hung in the main room, such as above the fireplace in the living room.

Dimensions: 27″ x 39″
Contrasting black/distressed copper color scheme
Made of quality steel
Mysterious dungeon cell theme
Suitable for modern or rustic homes

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Weight 17.75 lbs
Dimensions 36.00 × 36.00 × 2.00 in


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