Wigwam Festival of Fine Art

I shoulda been doing this post last Thursday night so y’all would know we are at Litchfield Park this weekend, but I forgot:( We do still have tomorrow left here, so swing by! 10-5 Sunday on the beautiful Wigwam Resort Lawns. For my Midwest friends, please notice when I cropped the wall of art for […]

Tubac AZ 5 days…….

Some of the “old-timers” have truly been doing this festival forever. I visited with an artist earlier who told me he has to work 4 more years. After that, he will have done the Tubac Art Festival for fifty years! What an established place to sell art! it’s been a beautiful day (finally) and I […]

Welcome to a little of the Old Southwest

Tubac Festival of the Arts. What a fun festival! We actually set up on Tuesday. Ugh. Stood in line forever waiting for our space site assignment. We are located right on Tubac Road directly in front of Cloud Dancer Jewelers. We have a great location & fun artist neighbors. Glad I snapped a photo of […]