Rolling Out The New!

Time to freshen up the look! “What’s In” is continually changing….colors……styles……designs…… And this is our time of year to bring in new and different pieces of art and retire those that are becoming time-worn. Take a look at dressed up, classed-up, contemporary and modern! Email me at if you want this on your wall! […]

A Late Fall Project Continues

It’s always fun to watch a project evolve. More deck pieces continue to be inserted into this custom one-of-a-kind deck rail. Definitely a custom job we love! What a beautiful copper finish! I will have another post as they continue to add on to this “work of art.” Nice deck, Tom! If YOU have a […]

New Copper Design

Creating a new look, new styles & new designs is what November and December is all about. Truly a blend of mixing what our customers already love with something new we hope they will want the next time we see them. 16″ x 23″ (approx) and ready for hanging. Contact me if you would like […]

Summer Memories

As I look out my office window today I am reminded, not how much I dislike snow (which I do much dislike!) but rather I am reminded of how much I like Green Grass, 75 degrees and Outdoor Art Festivals. I have some pictures posted here today of some of our customers who also like […]